Elohim Music recording studio fully digital located in Juana Diaz Puerto Rico . The owner and manager Jesus Alvarado has been the creator and responsible for multiple discs and national Christian hits and has worked as an arranger, composer or guitarrist with many renowned ministries today. Among the works undertaken are: Louis Santiago, Elvin Perez, Samuel Hernandez, Michael Rodriguez, Maribel Cintron, Veronica Deliz, Hiscael Morell, Agrupacion Shadddai, Felo J, Javier Soba, Javier Rey, Raul Burgos, Anthony Payano, Sharo Leon Eugenio Castillo , 3 Panderos, Los pleneros del Lago, Alfonso Otero, Grupo Esencia , Grupo Messiah, Skaterrestres and Hector “El Father” Delgado and others … The excellence of his work brought his cd various awards and company labels deals nationwide.

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